We had the great pleasure of staying at the Santa Maria borough for 15 days. The Borgo was complete, but we never had the perception of the “too many people” the apartments are arranged so that each family had their own privacy, each with a garden available. Large common spaces and even when he was so many, he was fine. The place is strategic 1 hour from Florence and 1 hour from Rome. In the country there is everything you need. Perfect weather, sunny sunshine and cool sunshine in the evenings, which, as we come from big hot cities, is ideal.

Daniel, the owner, a helpful person and very discreet.
Guests are provided with a vegetable garden, which to us, who we were in, has given us every day to eat. Not to mention the fantastic rows of raspberries, strawberries and strawberries.
A place I would like to recommend to everyone, big and small.
A real-life reality.
We have a 20-month-old baby running free and happy, and two 12 and 7-year-old boys we did not practically see throughout the holiday.

Valentin - July 2018